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Chair (‘Yes, You Can!’) Yoga is a wonderful program for older adults and/or people with physical limitations. All of the exercises can be done from a sitting position (or from a standing position), which makes it so nice for those of us who are unable to get down on the floor.I didn't know anything about Yoga when I first started, but I knew I needed something that would get me moving without impacting my own physical limitations. With this type of Yoga you learn a modified version of the Yoga positions, but what's important to me is how you learn to listen to your body and become aware of what it's telling you. You learn so much about correct breathing and posture along with the proper movements, and stretch muscles you probably never knew you had! Along with that, Dylan, our instructor, becomes familiar with each of our individual situations and will modify our exercises accordingly.A wonderful benefit of this class is the serenity you attain by the end of each class. Your body feels comfortable and your mind is clear and calm. I would recommend it for anyone.
- Carol Gwara, Chair Yoga class participant, winter 2010 and spring 2011

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For many years I had tried unsuccessfully to learn to meditate.  I used guided meditation tapes, video with colors to focus on  and just plain silence to try to accomplish this. My mind would wander and my body would wiggle and squirm.  I could just not stay focused long enough to accomplish any real, meaningful meditation.  I had studied Reiki with Dylan.  She is a very knowledgeable and experienced teacher.  When she offered an ongoing meditation class I was quick to sign up.  I knew that if anyone could help me learn how to meditate, it was Dylan. I have been going to these classes for several months now.  It was challenging at first.  I experienced the same lack of focus and difficulty staying still.  Dylan, ever the teacher, worked with me to help me overcome these stumbling blocks.  I learned how to relax.  I learned the importance of posture, comfort and breathing.  I have learned to "let go" and not to try to control the meditation but to go with the meditation.Dylan uses many different techniques in her meditation classes.  She asks us what we are each in need of and focuses her guided meditation around those needs. Each class is unique and gratifying.   I have learned much about the beneficial effects of meditation both from  a knowledge standpoint and from experiencing it.  I look forward to each session now.  I enjoy meditation and I have been able to incorporate it into my life, enjoying the benefits of it often.Thank you, Dylan.
- Mary Record

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Sound Healing and Cymatherapy

I am in love with Cymatherapy! The results are amazing in ways that I could not have imagined. My experience is calming and restorative, I feel the effects of the session within an hour or so after it is completed and the benefits continue to last. The benefits keep building upon each other as I receive additional cymatherapy sessions. I am in gratitude for this form of healing, whether alone or in conjunction with counseling or another modality it accentuates my evolvement and growth from within. Thank you so much Dylan! 
- Anne R, Rochester NY

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I truly enjoyed and really appreciated your very practical as well as intuitive approach to the [Reiki I & II] trainings. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I can't imagine having experienced this with anyone else. Dylan, your particular gift for sensing energy and what is needed in the moment is truly special and powerful and I know that I received a tremendous amount of healing. I also gained a tremendous amount of knowledge through your feedback, encouragement and wisdom.I feel such a tremendous difference in my energy level, my purpose and resolve. My path seems so clear to me now. I most appreciate your ability to help me feel the energy flowing into and through me.......after teaching me the second symbol, I was energized and I felt the fog of dullness and fatigue that has been a pall over me for so long lift. I have been much more energetic and clear-headed since. I've slept better and feel so much clearer about decisions and purpose.....thank you for your compassion, care and concern over me, my family, my home and studio to go that extra way to making this the best experience possible for me.
- Lu French, Reiki Two Practitioner, Yoga Instructor and Yoga studio owner, Breathing Room Yoga, Manchester, Vermont

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