Cymatherapy Services 

In a Cymatherapy appointment you will receive specific sound healing codes to support your body's natural ability to heal itself. These sounds are emitted by the Cymatherapy machine and received into the feet through soft gel pads on the machine.

Initial Intake Appointments are 90 minutes in length and include:
• Review of your history and concerns
• Education about sound, vibrational healing and Cymatherapy
• Discussion of available protocols
• Experience a sound protocol during your session
• Optional essential oils, energy balancing and guided meditation
• Fee: $145

Follow Up Appointments are 75 minutes in length and include:
• Review of your response to the last session
• Additional education if needed
• Application of protocol 
• Optional essential oils, energy balancing and guided meditation
• Fee: $95

If you are coming in for a one-hour counseling, individual Energy Healing appointment or
2 practitioner Reiki Session, you may add Cymatherapy for $25 to the fee for your session. Contact Dylan for more information or to schedule an appointment:
call 585-200-4646 or email dylan at

What is Cymatherapy?

The practice of Cymatherapy is derived from the field of Cymatic Therapy which was developed by Dr. Peter Guy Manners, a British osteopath, in the 1960s. His work grew out of early research into electromagnetic energy and the concept that every living thing—person, animal, plant or organism—is surrounded by an energy field that resonates at its own particular frequency. Scientific investigations into the effects of sound on matter, the physics of acoustics and the applications of sound on biological matter  developed into the field of Cymatic Therapy. Cymatic therapy is a form of sound therapy based on the principle that every cell in the body resonates at its own particular sound frequency. Research has shown that there are hundreds of signature vibrations associated with healthy organs and tissues. When a cell or tissue is not at its optimal state of wellness and when there is illness and imbalance, the frequency is altered. Cymatherapy is a type of complimentary alternative medicine, or natural healing method based on the effects of sound on the physical and energetic bodies, mind and emotions. As a modern form of audible sound therapy it can be used to support the resolution of many health problems through the enhanced ability of your body to heal itself. The practitioner uses the cymatic therapy instrument to generate frequencies like those of healthy cells to support what the cells are trying to do naturally, therefore aiding the healing process and helping to restore the body to good health and harmony.

About the AMI-750 Machine

Acoustic Meridian Intelligence is a non-invasive, acoustic massage therapy that supports the body’s efforts to restore the cells, tissues and organs to optimal health, balance and function. It is a unique, patented instrument that delivers precise combinations of frequencies associated with healthy tissue and organ systems.  These sound waves help to normalize imbalances and synchronize the cell's frequency back to its natural healthy state of vibrational resonance.  Sound healing codes used in the protocols for the AMI750 were developed by a British Osteopath and European researchers and have been widely and effectively used for years. Standard AMI protocols were developed by Chris Gibbs, BSc, DCM and Liz Bauer, RN, DCM, experts in the field of Cymatherapy. Additional protocols created by experienced Cymatherapy Practitioners and protocols which have been adjusted to meet individual needs are also available.
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